The Zilkha Black® Pellet

Zilkha Biomass Energy produces the Zilkha Black® Pellet, a proprietary water resistant biomass pellet that can replace coal.

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Zilkha Biomass Selma

Our new plant in Selma has commenced production of Zilkha Black® pellets. Visit our Selma page to learn more.

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A Natural Renewable Fuel

We produce a baseload natural renewable fuel, providing good long-term jobs both in the field and in our plants.

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Continuing Our Legacy

Our prior company, Zilkha Renewable Energy, made it possible for more than 400,000 households to switch to green wind power by the time it was sold to Energias de Portugal. Zilkha Biomass Energy is a continuation of that legacy.

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Zilkha Black® Pellet

The Zilkha Black® Pellet is a revolutionary advancement in the pellet industry: our additive-free pellet is water-resistant, durable, energy-dense, and an ideal replacement for coal.

About Biomass

Biomass is the world’s oldest & most efficient solar battery. The amount of sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface during one hour is sufficient to power the entire world for a year.


Biomass energy has the potential to reduce humanity’s carbon impact , but in order for this potential to be realized, it must be harvested responsibly. Our company is committed to the responsible use of biomass and sustainable forestry.

About Us

We are dedicated to innovative sustainable energy solutions. Our prior company, Zilkha Renewable Energy, made it possible for more than 400,000 households to switch to green wind power by the time it was sold to Energias de Portugal.


USDA: European biomass demand beneficial for US

The increasing wood pellet demand accelerates forest growth, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and increases forest investment according to USDA Acting Chief Economist Robert Johansson.


U.S.: Executive order to reduce GHG emissions

Thanks to a recently signed executive order, U.S. federal agencies have a new goal to cut their emissions over the next decade by an average of 40 percent compared with their 2008 levels.  Agencies must also increase their use of electricity from renewable sources by 30 percent.


Electricity from biomass with carbon capture could make western U.S. carbon-negative

A new UC Berkeley study shows that if biomass electricity production is combined with carbon capture and sequestration in the western United States, power generators could actually store more carbon than they emit.


Land of Opportunity? (Editorial)

The editors of Arkansas Business wrote an editorial highlighting the job creating potential of ZBE and other clean energy companies.


Zilkha announces new pellet plant project in Monticello

Zilkha Biomass Energy announced a new pellet plant project located in Monticello, Arkansas. Once constructed, this plant will become one of Zilkha’s largest facilities.


Shipping US wood pellets across Atlantic cuts emissions

comprehensive analysis of greenhouse gas emissions reveals that despite the long transportation distance, burning imported wood is still better than using fossil fuels.


U.S. Forest Service Helps Fund Harvard Forest Green Energy Project

“These projects remove and use excess wood – the same trees and brush that fuel the catastrophic wildfires we’ve seen in the last several years – from our nation’s forests.”


Valmet & Zilkha Announce Collaborative Agreement

Zilkha Biomass Energy and Valmet have signed a five-year collaboration agreement to bring steam exploded black pellets to the market.


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