We are committed to sustainability.

Biomass energy has the potential to reduce humanity’s carbon impact thanks to the naturally occurring ‘biogenic carbon cycle’, but in order for this potential to be realized, woody biomass must be harvested responsibly. In order to make sure our product contributes to the effort of reducing global GHG emissions, we have a made a commitment to develop and follow comprehensive sustainability practices.

We keep detailed records of where our feedstock is coming from, how much we harvest, the types of wood that we harvest, and we conduct periodic analyses of the overall forest health in our catchment areas. ZBE also evaluates the practices of forest owners we procure biomass from, and we create a list of forests that are managed responsibly, and a list of those that do not live up to our standards. These steps are necessary to satisfy strict forest product laws that vary across the countries our pellets are shipped to.

The information we collect and our best management practices are also audited by third parties and measured against various well-established forest sustainability criteria programs such as FSC®, SFI®, and PEFC®. Summaries of these audits are published in a publicly accessible way in an effort to provide transparency and an assurance that production of the Zilkha Black® pellet will promote healthy forests growth.

Sustainable forestry practices do not happen by accident; it requires a deliberate commitment, diligent record keeping, and trained foresters to make it a reality. Zilkha Biomass Energy is taking the necessary steps to ensure that our nation’s forests will be a healthy resource for future generations.